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5 Year Warranty covers all Air Head Composting Toilets

Includes the “Air Head” Composting Toilet unit pictured along with:

Wired for 12 volt. Household adapter available in our shop

Order Your Air Head Composting Toilet

When ordering please specify:

  1. Seat size, (household or marine)
  2. Crank handle side (A or B).  A side is on the left when facing the toilet
  3. Right angle or straight fan housing
  4. Flat Back (standard) or Hull Shape Solids Tank
  5. Bottle size (compact 1-gallon or standard 2-gallon)


My wife and I have a blog, GeoAstroRV, I bought two of your composting toilets and use one in each of the units pictured.
John Nejedlo
Good to see you again at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show. Here are pictures of our installation.
John Petersen
I want to thank you again for providing your excellent Air Head Composting toilet.
Rev. Charlie Quillen

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